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The Waugh Room

News, gossip and insight from PoliticsHome Editor Paul Waugh

  1. Waugh Room Memo. Miss it, miss out. Waugh Room Memo. Miss it, miss out.

    Those of you who subscribe to the Waugh Room Memo already get a daily insider briefing on what's mov... Read on...

  2. Lords Hearts Peers
  3. A Right Royal Crackdown?
  4. Cop Stop
  5. Ken 'n' Boris' Happy Families

Today's Must Reads

This morning's top ten must-reads

  1. It would be bonkers to rewrite the constitution overnight | Boris Johnson | The Daily Telegraph
  2. Scotland’s young, feisty yes generation has nowhere to go | Paul Mason | The Guardian
  3. (£)Scotland’s No echoes Europe’s Yes to grand coalitions | Niall Ferguson | The Financial Times
  4. (£)Don’t fall into the Brussels home rule trap | Matt Ridley | The Times
  5. The voting's over, now the bickering can REALLY begin | Peter McKay | The Daily Mail
  6. Memo to Miliband: Britain’s social order is bankrupt | Owen Jones | The Guardian
  7. Ed Miliband's conference speech must show Labour has a head as well as a heart | Patrick Diamond | The Independent
  8. (£)Wage hike is simply a diversion | Trevor Kavanagh | The Sun
  9. The Way Ahead | Tony Blair | Tony Blair Faith Foundation
  10. John Kerry’s rhetoric on Isis insults our intelligence and conceals the reality of the situation in Syria | Robert Fisk | The Independent

Today's Five at Five

  1. Ed Balls: a lot of tough tackles; a few subtle passes | Damian McBride | Damian McBride
  2. After a flat speech from Ed Balls, what is Labour conference holding its breath for? | Isabel Hardman | Coffee House
  3. Ed Miliband needs to find an answer to the English question | Robert Colvile | Telegraph politics blog
  4. Whatever happened to Jobs and Growth? | Mark Ferguson | LabourList
  5. Labour's top-down command has too many echoes of the Death Star | Neal Lawson | Comment is Free

The Green Box Blog

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Dot Commons

Bits and bobs from the political day

  1. Ed footballsed journo in charity match

    Ed Balls spilled blood, sweat, and tears on the football pitch this afternoon after he elbowed a jou... Read on...

  2. Willie's Yes endorsement : Vote aye or die
  3. Spice Up Your Life
  4. Calling a spade a spayed
  5. Free School Truancy Officer

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