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The Waugh Room

News, gossip and insight from PoliticsHome Editor Paul Waugh

  1. Silly, stupid things, words Silly, stupid things, words

    Ever since he helped draft Gordon Brown's five (unpassable) tests for UK membership of the euro, Ed ... Read on...

  2. Troy of the Rovers
  3. The IDS of June
  4. Through The Keyhole...
  5. 'Not So Fabulous' Baker Boys

Today's Must Reads

This morning's top ten must-reads

  1. Does David Cameron actually believe in his tough new immigration stance? | Matthew Norman | The Independent
  2. David Cameron’s EU benefits diatribe fools no one | Nigel Farage | The Daily Telegraph
  3. The Lib Dems could survive in government by going back to their roots | Rafael Behr | The Guardian
  4. (£)Three cheers for the David Brents, the stars of Britain’s recovery | Ed Conway | The Times
  5. Ed Miliband the Human Cannonball has those nasty Tories in his sights | Mary Riddell | The Daily Telegraph
  6. The Putin test for Obama in Ukraine | William A. Galston | The Wall Street Journal
  7. Our sanctions will not cripple Russia. It is doing a lot of the dirty work itself | Hamish McRae | The Independent
  8. The rich want us to believe their wealth is good for us all | George Monbiot | The Guardian
  9. (£)University is for students, not their parents | Alice Thomson | The Times
  10. (£)‘Known unknowns’ on Scotland and EU | John Kerr | The Financial Times

Today's Five at Five

  1. Nicky Morgan Profile: Could An Education Secretary Charged With 'Winning Hearts And Minds' Make It All The Way To Number 10? | Ned Simons | Huffington Post UK Politics Blog
  2. Miliband may use Labour reshuffle to achieve half-female shadow cabinet | George Eaton | The Staggers
  3. Labour is mad to pick a fight with the Tories on tax | Dan Hodges | Telegraph blog
  4. David Cameron’s tough talk is about more than immigration | Matthew d'Ancona | Evening Standard
  5. The shamelessness of Balls | Peter Hoskin | ConservativeHome

The Green Box Blog

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Dot Commons

Bits and bobs from the political day

  1. Having a pop at Popat Having a pop at Popat

    After making remarks last week that put him at odds with the Conservative party, the government whip... Read on...

  2. French baiting in the Lords
  3. Politicians try to hit the right note with alternative bands
  4. You're my first, my last, my Energy Secretary
  5. 'sup JCJ?

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