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The Waugh Room

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  1. Weaponising the Weaponiser Weaponising the Weaponiser

    David Cameron managed to weaponise Ed Miliband's use of 'weaponise the NHS' in PMQs today. It's a... Read on...

  2. A British Grand Coalition? Really?
  3. Vince Gets Physical
  4. Confusable Peers
  5. Labour's UKIP problem

Today's Must Reads

This morning's top ten must-reads

  1. (£)Numpty dumpty: Can Miliband ever put Labour together again? | Damian McBride | The Sun on Sunday
  2. This is not the time for Labour to indulge in a scrap in its own navel | Andrew Rawnsley | The Observer
  3. Isolated. Indecisive. The haunted look of defeat. Why even Ed Balls has all but given up on Ed Miliband | Jason Cowley | The Mail on Sunday
  4. (£)Cameron’s chaos theory is winning as he stokes up fear of Miliband | Adam Boulton | The Sunday Times
  5. Election 2015: What the country really needs is a Labour government, with David Cameron as PM | John Rentoul | The Independent on Sunday
  6. Ed Miliband tried to 'weaponise’ the NHS – it ended with a bang | Janet Daley | The Sunday Telegraph
  7. My sister's sad death means I've seen first-hand how important the NHS really is | John Prescott | Sunday Mirror
  8. Let's ditch the rhetoric and do a deal on the NHS | Norman Lamb | The Independent on Sunday
  9. The Greens, chaotic as they are, give a lesson to the main parties | Will Hutton | The Observer
  10. (£)These child abuse slurs are just the angry left’s revenge on Thatcher | Dominic Lawson | The Sunday Times

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Dot Commons

Bits and bobs from the political day

  1. Troubling timepieces - why minister's watch gift backfired Troubling timepieces - why minister's watch gift backfired

    Bad times for Baroness Kramer, who has had to say sorry for an ill-judged gift to a Taiwanese politi... Read on...

  2. 'Pub Landlord' pips Miliband in leadership stakes
  3. Grayling 'puts the d*** into tat'
  4. IFS chief rejects starring role in Tory campaign video
  5. Tory MP flattened by cage fighter

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