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The Waugh Room

  • Waugh Room Memo - 18 March 2015

    Good morning. Will today see George Osborne’s final Budget? Or will it be ‘final’ as in the David Cameron-TV-debate sense, ie not ‘final’ at all?

  • Danny 0, Vince 3?

    Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander are unveiling possibly the biggest shift in Lib Dem policy of the entire Parliament.

  • Riposte of The Day

    The House of Commons vote to allow mitochondrial DNA transfer was historic and it was decisive: Ayes 382, Noes 128

  • Sticking The Boots In

    Ed Miliband was unafraid of stepping up the rhetoric against Boots today

  • Confusable Peers

    A priceless document has been produced by the House of Lords to distinguish between those peers who share the same or similar name.

  • Sacking, Ed style

    During a lengthy interview with London Live TV channel, Diane Abbott has given an insight into just how Ed Miliband sacks people.

  • Grayling's 'Room 101'?

    Chris Grayling is licking his wounds today after crossbenchers and Tory and Lib Dem rebels allied with Labour to inflict defeats 100 and 101 on the Government in the Lords.

  • The Price is Right?

    As a former aide to Norman Lamont, the Prime Minister knows more than most about the damage to the Tory brand caused by his infamous claim that unemployment was 'a price worth paying'.