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House of Lords Business: Thursday 11 July 2019

Lords Chamber

11:00am: Oral Questions

- Lord Clement-Jones (Lib Dem) to ask Her Majesty’s Government on the imposition and operation of public spaces protection orders 

- Baroness Gardner of Parkes (Con) to ask Her Majesty’s Government on the availability of NHS dentistry services

- Lord West of Spithead (Lab) to ask Her Majesty’s Government on whether the number of frigates in commission available for operations will fall below 13 in any year before 2026

- Lord Bates (Con) to ask Her Majesty's Government on de-escalating tensions in the Gulf of Oman

Main Business

Debate: Creating an environment which encourages business growth and job creation, especially in relation to the tax system

Short Debate: Church of England’s social media community guidelines published on 1 July and steps to promote positive social media behaviour (Lord Bishop of St Albans) (1 Hour)

Debate: The extent of persecution of people of faith in this century

Lords Committees

No committees have yet been scheduled

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