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National Assembly for Wales Business: Wednesday 13 February 2019

In Plenary

1:30pm: Questions to the Minister for Economy and Transport

2:15pm: Questions to the Counsel General and Brexit Minister (in respect of his Brexit Minister responsibilities)

3:00pm: Topical Questions

3:20pm: 90 Second Statements

3:25pm: Statement by the Llywydd: Introduction of a Commission-proposed Bill - Senedd and Elections (Wales) Bill

3:55pm: Debate on the Public Accounts Committee report: Natural Resources Wales' Annual Report and Account 2017-18

4:55pm: Plaid Cymru debate - Welsh Independent Living Grant

5:55pm: United Kingdom Independence Party debate - Prisons and Prisoners

6:55pm: Voting Time

7:25pm: Short Debate

In Committee

Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee (9:20am, Room 3)
Annual scrutiny session with Natural Resources Wales. Evidence from  Clare Pillman, Chief Executive, Natural Resources Wales, Sir David Henshaw, Chair of Natural Resources Wales and Ceri Davies, Director of Evidence, Policy and Permitting, Natural Resources Wales

Legislative Consent Memorandum on the Animal Welfare (Service Animals) Bill: consideration of draft report

Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee (9:30am, room 2)
Supporting and Promoting the Welsh Language: an Inquiry into the legislative, policy and wider context: Evidence session 11. Evidence from Eluned Morgan AM, Minister for International Relations and the Welsh Language, Bethan Webb, Deputy Director Welsh Language and Jeremy Evas, Head of Welsh Language Promotion 

National Broadcast Archive for Wales. Evidence from Rhodri Talfan Davies, Director, BBC Cymru Wales and Rhys Evans, Head of Strategy and Education, BBC Cymru Wales


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