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National Assembly for Wales Business: Tuesday 11 June 2019

In Plenary

1:30pm: Questions to the First Minister
2:15pm: Business Statement and Announcement
2:45pm: Statement by the Minister for Education: Managing Workload and Reducing Bureaucracy
3:30pm: Statement by the Counsel General and Brexit Minister: The Implications of the UK Government's Immigration Proposals for Welsh Public Services and the Wider Economy
4:15pm: Statement by the Deputy Minister and Chief Whip: An Update on Advancing Equality and Human Rights in Wales
5:00pm: Debate: The Shared Prosperity Fund
6:00pm: Voting Time

In Committee

Petitions Committee (9:00am, Committee Room 1)
New petitions
- P-05-880 Wales is Rapidly Losing its Musical Reputation and Heritage
- P-05-881 Fix our planning system
- P-05-883 National Welsh History Week
Updates to previous petitions
- P-04-522 Asbestos in Schools
- P-05-788 Remove the compulsory aspect of Welsh Baccalaureate
- P-05-834 All Schools Should be Welsh Medium and Teach Welsh History
- P-05-862 Tackling school bullying
- P-05-797 Ensure access to the cystic fibrosis medicine, Orkambi, as a matter of urgency
- P-05-804 We need Welsh Government funding for play!!
- P-05-825 Protect children's lungs from harmful pollution whilst at school
- P-05-831 End the unfairness and discrimination in the financial support for victims of the contaminated blood scandals who were infected in Wales
- P-05-870 Let’s Get Every Young Heart Screened (Age 10-35)
- P-05-852 Introduce a Licence to manage land for game bird shooting in an attempt to end raptor persecution
- P-05-818 Introducing a Register of Lobbyists in Wales
- P-05-836 Gender Pay Gap Reporting
- P-05-838 Support the M4 Relief Road Black Route
- P-05-850 Protect the Gwent Levels and stop the proposed M4 motorway
- P-05-843 More Third party rights in planning appeals
- P-05-858 Fire sprinklers are for life, not a fast buck!


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