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National Assembly for Wales Business: Tuesday 9 July 2019

In Plenary

1:30pm: Questions to the First Minister
2:15pm: Business Statement and Announcement
2:45pm: Statement by the Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs: The Wild Animals and Circuses (Wales) Bill
3:30pm: Statement by the First Minister: Social Partnership
4:15pm Statement by the Minister for Housing and Local Government: The Welsh Government response to the Independent Affordable Housing Supply Review
5:00pm: Statement by the Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs: Sustainable Farming and our Land
5:45pm: The Prescribed Objects for Intimate Piercing (Wales) Regulations 2019
6:00pm: LCM on the Non-Domestic Rating (Lists) Bill
6:15pm: Debate on The First Supplementary Budget 2019-20
6:45pm: Voting Time

In Committee

Petitions Committee (9:00am, Committee Room 1)
New petitions
- P-05-882 Transforming the response for older people experiencing domestic abuse – a call for action
- P-05-885 Accessible and Inclusive Public Transport for Citizens with Learning Disabilities in Wales
- P-05-887 Stop regional AMs elected to represent specific parties from defecting
- P-05-889 Labelling of Religiously Slaughtered Meat
- P-05-890 Second Home Tax
- P-05-891 National Reading and Numeracy Tests for children from as young as age 6 need to be discontinued with immediate effect
- P-05-892 Appoint a Learning Disability Commissioner for Wales

Updates to previous petitions
- P-05-738 Public Petition for the Dinas Powys By-Pass
- P-05-748 School Buses for School Children
- P-05-743 End the Exotic Pet Trade in Wales
- P-05-869 Declare a Climate Emergency and fit all policies with zero-carbon targets
- P-05-876 Protection of Red & Amber listed species in Wales
- P-05-754 Lack of support for children with disabilities at crisis
- P-05-797 Ensure access to the cystic fibrosis medicine, Orkambi, as a matter of urgency              
- P-05-842 Give young people a voice when commissioning local services in Wales         
- P-05-854 Make learning disability training mandatory for hospital staff
- P-05-859 Provide Child Houses in Wales for victims of child sexual abuse
- P-05-866 Sepsis Public Awareness Campaign – Wales
- P-05-783 Ensuring Equality of Curriculum for Welsh Medium Schools e.g. GCSE Psychology
- P-05-805 Fair Deal For Supply Teachers
- P-05-832 To Amend the School Admissions Code Relating to Summer-Born Children
- P-05-875 The Capping of Council Tax Rises in Wales
- P-05-815 Control Rapidly Expanding Intensive Poultry Industry in Wales
- P-05-865 Guarantee fully plant-based options on every public sector menu to protect the rights of vegans and for our health, the environment and animals
- P-05-873 Free Welsh Lessons for the People of Wales

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