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Scottish Parliament Business:Thursday 7 December 2017

In Plenary

11:40am: Parliamentary Bureau Motions

11:40am: General Questions

12:00am: First Minister’s Questions

Member’s Debate on Brain Tumour Awareness in Scotland (Alexander Stewart, Con, Mid Scotland and Fife)

2:30pm: Parliamentary Bureau Motions

Ministerial Statement: Improving Scotland's Air Quality - Putting in Place Scotland's Low Emission Zones

Government debate on Sea Fisheries and End Year Negotiations

Business Motions

Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5:00pm: Decision time

In Committee

Public Audit and Post-Legislative Scrutiny Committee (9:00am, room 4) 
- Major Capital Projects - Evidence from Peter Reekie, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Investments, Scottish Futures Trust, Eleanor Emberson, Director of Financial Strategy, Scottish Government, Caroline Gardner, Auditor General for Scotland and Graeme Greenhill, Senior Manager, Audit Scotland

Public Petitions Committee (9:00am, room 6) 
- Consideration of continued petition - PE1627 by Annette McKenzie on Consent for mental health treatment for people under 18 years of age; and will take evidence from; Graeme Henderson, Director of Services and Development, Penumbra; Carolyn Lochhead, Public Affairs Manager, SAMH; and Amy Woodhouse, Head of Policy, Projects and Participation, Children in Scotland
- Consideration of a new petition - PE1674 by Ellie Stirling on Managing the Cat Population in Scotland; and will take evidence from; Ellie Stirling and PE1672 by Hugh Paterson on Scottish Law Commission Report on Prescription
- Consideration of continued petitions - PE1458 by Peter Cherbi on Register of Interests for members of Scotlands judiciary; PE1651 by Marion Brown on behalf of Recovery and Renewal on Prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal; PE1654 by Ian Munn on Forestry regulation; PE1656 by Rob McDowall on Threats or assaults on sitting members of parliament, their staff and families;and PE1658 by Wendy Stephen on Compensation for those who suffered a neurological disability following administration of the Pluserix vaccine between 1988 and 1992.

Equalities and Human Rights Committee (9:40am, room 1)
-  Human Rights Day 2017 - Gypsy Traveller Community in Scotland – Evidence in a round table format from Davie Donaldson, Article 12 in Scotland; Charlotte Donaldson, John McDonald, Willie McDonald, Shannon McDonald, Charlotte McKenzie, Anthony Johnstone, Shamus McPhee, Roseanna McPhee, Colin Turbett, Kerry Musselbrook, Project Manager, Iriss 

Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee (10:00am, room 2) 
- Cross-Party Groups - Evidence from tbc

Justice Sub-Committee on Policing (1:00pm, room 6) 
- Police Scotland's custody provision - Evidence from  Chief Superintendent Garry McEwan, Criminal Justice Services Division, Police Scotland, Pete White, National Co-ordinator, Positive Prison? Positive Futures, Calum Steele, General Secretary, Scottish Police Federation and Michelle McHardy, Police Staff Scotland Custody Lead, Unison Scotland


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