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Written Ministerial Statements: Thursday 12 July 2018


1. ECOFIN: 13 July 2018 (HM Treasury) 

2. Update on the pensions cold calling ban (HM Treasury) 

3. Media matters (Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport)  

4. July Agriculture and Fisheries Council (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) 

5. British Council Annual Report 2017-18 (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) 

6. Foreign Affairs Council – 16 July 2018 (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

7. Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services Inspection Report: ‘The national tasking, coordination and governance of the response to serious and organised crime’ (Home Office) 

8. Immigration (Home Office)

9. Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (01 March 2018 to 31 May 2018) (Home Office) 

10. Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (01 December 2017 to 28 February 2018) (Home Office) 

11. Justice Update (Ministry of Justice) (Ministry of Justice) 

12. The Child Maintenance Compliance and Arrears Strategy and the Child Support (Miscellaneous amendment) Regulations 2018 (Department for Work and Pensions) 


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