Thu, 23 September 2021

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Briefings and Publications

Assisted Dying Bill

A Bill to enable competent adults who are terminally ill to choose to be provided with medically supervised assistance to end their own life.

Explanatory notes refer to the Assisted Dying Bill as introduced in the House of Commons on 22 June 2015


Campaign publications

Four Reasons to Change the Law
In this booklet, four people recount their memories of a loved one's death. The lives and deaths described here are different, but they are united by a common theme: The desire of some dying adults to take control of the manner and timing of their imminent death, in order to end their suffering.

A Matter of Facts
'A Matter of Facts' pulls together the research behind our case for assisted dying. Using evidence from overseas jurisdictions that have legalised assisted dying as well as looking at evidence from UK on unregulated practise, you can lobby your MP or to challenge misleading articles in the local or national press.

2013 Briefings

Physician-Assisted Dying in Oregon and Washington: The Facts (February 2013)
A briefing by Compassion and Choices, an American non-profit organisation dedicated to expanding and protecting the rights of terminally ill people in the USA. The briefing is a response to criticism by Living and Dying Well of the Oregon and Washington assisted dying laws. It presents evidence from the experience of both Oregon and Washington, where assisted dying has been legalised and works well.

Assisted Dying: The limits of a new law (April 2013)
The Assisted Dying Bill will explicitly only apply to terminally ill, mentally competent adults, who must take the final act of ingesting life-ending medication. This briefing explains the limited change in the law proposed by the Assisted Dying Bill and differentiates from the wider laws available in other European countries like Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Religious attitudes to assisted dying (May 2013)
A briefing from Inter-Faith Leaders for Dignity in Dying, a group of faith leaders who support changing the law to permit assisted dying. The briefing explains not only that the majority of people of faith support the legalisation of assistance to die, but also gives the religious arguments in favour of changing the law.

Healthcare Professionals for Assisted Dying (June 2013)
Eminent doctors explain why they believe the law should change in a briefing from Healthcare Professionals for Assisted Dying (HPAD). The medical arguments for legalised assisted dying, the evidence in favour of change and the position of the medical bodies are all discussed in the briefing.

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