Wed, 8 February 2023

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Latest reports from IKEA
Latest reports from IKEA

Please find below the latest reports from IKEA.

Annual Report - 2020

Our journey towards a more affordable, convenient and people and planet positive IKEA. To read IKEA's annual report for 2020, click here

Annual Summary - 2019

To read IKEA's annual summary, click here. 

An Exploration of Privacy - Life at Home - 2019

Each year, we get a little bit closer to understanding what people need from their home. In 2018, something caught our eye. Privacy is one of the most important needs for creating the feeling of home, but one in four people, globally, find other places better able to fulfill this need than their own home. So this year we dived into privacy, to explore its importance in providing a better everyday life at home.

Read the full report here.


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