Wed, 27 October 2021

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What does IDDT do?


  • To offer care and support to people with diabetes and their carers, especially those experiencing difficulties with genetically engineered 'human' insulin.
  • To influence appropriate bodies and government to ensure that natural animal insulin remains available to ensure that all insulin users have a continued supply of the insulin that suits their needs.
  • To ensure that all patients and carers are properly informed of the various treatments available to them, as is their right under The Patients' Charter.
  • To collect information and experiences from people with diabetes and their carers to help others in the same situation and to pass it to healthcare professionals to create a better understanding of "life with diabetes".
  • Where possible, to represent the direct voice of the patient, as the consumer, in relation to healthcare and research.
  • To collect unwanted, unopened and in date insulin to help people in developing countries. 'Human' insulin is significantly more expensive than animal insulin in developing countries and all too often unaffordable. People are therefore dying - not for lack of insulin, but for lack of affordable insulin.
  • Within the limits of our resources, to support research that is patient centred and will examine ways that will help people that have diabetes now.

How is IDDT funded?

The Trust is run entirely by voluntary donations. We do not accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry in order to remain uninfluenced and independent.

Membership of IDDT is free although we welcome voluntary donations.

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