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IET Awards and Scholarships

Awards and scholarships

The 2010 IET awards programme includes awards to reward and celebrate individual excellence and innovation and a range of undergraduate and postgraduate engineering scholarships.

Achievement Awards 2010
Celebrating individual excellence in engineering and technology.

Ambition Awards 2010
A range of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for current and intending students on engineering or IT-related degree programmes, plus travel awards and competitions including Present Around the World.

Innovation Awards 2010
Spanning 15 categories, these free to enter international awards are open to individuals and organisations in both industry and academia. Judged by engineering experts, the Innovation Awards recognise the depth and breadth of innovative work being carried out across all areas of engineering and technology.

Power Academy scholarships 2010
Scholarships and work placements available to undergraduate students interested in a career in power engineering.

IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Award
Rewarding the best young female engineers in the UK. Who will you nominate for this prestigious award?

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