Thu, 11 August 2022

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IET Faraday

The IET Faraday is a schools resource from The Institution of Engineering and Technology. We aim to inspire students and help those who are trying to reach them, by producing interesting, interactive activities and events demonstrating the application of science, design and technology, engineering and maths.

The STEM agenda aims to encourage young people in schools to continue study in these subjects and pursue careers in this sector. We are aiming to provide materials for the STEM subjects, which are up-to-date, high quality and which inspire and challenge all learners - in addition to being valid, valuable resources for cross-curricular activity.

It’s not surprising our namesake is Michael Faraday. A man who defied his roots; who was the A-list celebrity of his time and who wanted to know why and how he could push technology forward.

We want to test the innovation, problem-solving and communication skills of our students so they can explore how science impacts the world around us.

We know that science, engineering and technology are amazing. So do you, but encouraging your students to realise this too can be challenging. It’s the stuff that drives, shapes, changes and makes sense of the world they live in. From making their iPOD work to shining light on black holes, it makes life easier and more challenging. Gives them what they need and what they never knew they needed until they saw it. Makes sense of things that don’t make sense.

So for the scientists, technologists and engineers of the future, the simply curious or those, like you, trying to excite curiosity in those around them, you can’t fail to be interested.

Take a look at our Faraday Teaching and Learning materials for use in science, design and technology, engineering and maths. There are also many highlighted opportunities to link to ICT, Enterprise and Citizenship. All the materials are based on this year’s theme, ‘Engineering in Sport’.

The materials are closely aligned to the STEM agenda, providing a structure for teachers in different departments to work collaboratively.

The materials have primarily been designed for KS3, GCSE and the Engineering Diploma and include an extensive range of support materials to fit all UK curricula.

The materials allow maximum flexibility and show clearly how to develop teaching materials within the new framework.

The materials provide an adaptable set of practical activities, based on experimenting, testing and developing, allowing students to apply knowledge and understanding in a meaningful way.

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