Thu, 11 August 2022

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Subscribe now is a Web-based service and one of the largest sources of engineering and technology content on the internet and delivers synchronised, multimedia content to Web users anytime, anywhere.

Programmes from practising engineers, technologists and key industry speakers are streamed live and/or on demand and include:
• Lectures and presentations from major IET events
• Product demonstrations and showcases
• Interviews with experts from industry and academia
• Reports, news and commentary from exhibitions and trade shows
• Research seminars from Universities and research Institutions
• Training sessions for IET volunteers

Start making the most of now – you can:
• Access over 2,000 multimedia presentations on demand
• Watch the speakers with synchronised slide presentations
• Search by slide, fast-forward, rewind and pause presentations
• Interact in real-time with presenters and other remote, online viewers via the Q&A chat facility for live webcasts
• Email presentations to friends or colleagues to view
• Embed presentations on your website.

More than just a knowledge service… is more than just a service that connects you with knowledge and information; it is also accessible to organisations to showcase content to our global audience, combining the power of voice and vision!

With its own channel of corporate presentations, is an invaluable tool for promoting presentations, product launches and company messages live and/or on demand. You can film your own material or book our production team.

You can also:
• Purchase corporate space to deliver company messages, white papers, product launches or demonstrations
• Advertise on the player and/or channel guide
• Utilise to deliver your training courses
• Sponsor a live and/or on demand event
• Showcase a video advertorial or recruitment message
• Embed the content in your own website.

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