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Thu, 9 April 2020

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National Federation of Builders


Spectrum House, Suite AF29 Beehive Ring Road Gatwick West Sussex RH6 0LG

House Builders Association

Medium and smaller sized house builders have an agenda that is significantly different, in a number of key respects, from that of volume house builders. They need appropriate representation which identifies their particular concerns and raises them with decision makers and opinion formers. They also need information to keep up to date with the fast-changing legislative and regulatory climate.

As a division of the NFB, the HBA has over 600 house builders in membership. Since the HBA’s launch in 2006 it has established itself with government and the media as the voice of the small and medium-sized house builder. It promotes the need for a thriving SME sector, which government now understands is essential if it is to achieve its aspiration of increasing housebuilding output. The HBA understands the varying needs of SMEs and it works to protect and promote their interests, at both a local and national level. It particularly works to ensure that when policy proposals and changes to regulations are made, the impact on smaller house builders is specifically considered, whether in terms of cost or additional bureaucracy and complexity.

For further information on the HBA, please contact or call 08540 578161.

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