Five at Five

A national unity government? A second referendum is more likely
Jonathan Freedland - The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn is lucky that Labour has so few MPs principled enough to quit the party
Tom Harris - The Telegraph

“Very tense”, “a sellout” – Inside the Downing Street charm offensive to try to win Conservative activists’ support for Chequers
Mark Wallace - ConservativeHome

The hatred Jeremy Corbyn refuses to take seriously
Dave Rich - CapX

Why I’m concerned about the IHRA definition of antisemitism
Richard Burden - Labour List


Top Ten Must Reads

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Bullied MPs just lie back and think of saving Theresa May
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Tory turmoil could lead to a far‑right revival
Francis Elliot - The Times

Brexit vote: triumph for Theresa May on customs union
John Rentoul - Independent

A second referendum would be an insult to the people, a stunt worthy of a banana republic
Robert Halfon - ConservativeHome

Labour will never support Theresa May's flawed Brexit blueprint
Keir Starmer MP - Daily Mirror

Why this week makes a People’s Vote more likely
Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson - ProgressOnline

The Norway option is the only thing left that will save Brexit – but Theresa May will have to go first
Philip Johnston - The Telegraph

What it’s like in No 10 when the government is close to collapse
Theo Bertram - The Times

We are right to limit electoral spending. Just look at US politics
Ben Chu - Independent