Barack Obama urging Britons to stay in EU did not work, poll suggests

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28th April 2016

Barack Obama’s dramatic intervention into the EU debate did not have the intended effect, a new poll has suggested.

A poll suggested Barack Obama's intervention did not have the desired effect
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The US president said Britain would be at "the back of the queue" for trade deals with his nation if it broke ties with Brussels on 23 June - a comment seen as a major coup for the Remain camp.

But a YouGov poll for the Times has put Leave at 42%, up three points from two weeks ago, with those backing Remain at 41%, up one point.

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The percentage of those saying they don’t know was three points down at 13%, while 4% said they would not be voting.

If the ‘do-not knows’ are excluded from the poll, the Out campaign is ahead at 51%, with In is at 49% - a reverse of two weeks ago.

Other measures to try and boost the Remain campaign have included the Chancellor producing Treasury analysis warning against Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn making a pro-EU speech.