Angela Merkel 'believes' Britain's EU referendum is an unnecessary risk

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15th May 2016

Britain's EU referendum is a “completely unnecessary risk” based on Tory party politics, and could damage the UK as well as Europe, Angela Merkel reportedly believes.

Angela Merkel privately thinks the vote was called to appease Tory eurosceptics, sources have said
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According to The Sunday Times the German chancellor has privately argued the vote has created added turmoil in a Europe already suffering under economic and migratory strains.

A German government source told the paper: “It was a completely unnecessary risk that comes as a result of party politics rather than actual concern for Britain’s best interests.”

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The source added that the referendum “will make us sweat until the last moment".

“All eyes will be on Britain in June. Given the huge challenges Europe is facing at the moment, this extra instability is the last thing anyone needs,” the source said.

According to the paper, Ms Merkel believes the UK leaving the EU would be the “ultimate disaster” for the bloc in the face of ongoing and impending crises.

She has reportedly offered up her services for an Obama-style intervention to convince voters to stay in the EU.

Ms Merkel told David Cameron last month she “stands ready” to help, but pro-EU campaigners have concerns such an intervention may not be the best course, the Sunday Times says.

One Remain campaigner told the paper: “Voters assume EU leaders want us to stay but they assume it’s in their interests for us to stay, not that it is in our interests.”