Tory splits over Brexit and sausage sandwiches in tea room

Posted On: 
26th May 2016

With just 28 days to go until the EU referendum, yet another story about Tory splits is not enough to get anyone excited.

Alec Shelbrooke is understood to have eaten a bacon sandwich AND a sausage sandwich
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The months of dodgy claims and counter-claims',  acronymed institutions and PATRONISIN videos might just have become a tad wearisome.

But today was different, as the Times' Sam Coates revealed that things have spilled over into the parliamentary tea room.

It began when Andrew Bridgen, one of the regional directors for Vote Leave,  started boasting about a neck-and-neck poll in one of the papers, claiming it had been “good news”, while eating a soft boiled egg.

Enter Remain supporter Alec Shelbrooke who hit out at Mr Bridgen, while devouring both a toasted sausage sandwich and a toasted bacon sandwich, saying Leavers "had it all your own way” until now but “now you're getting it from the Prime Minister and just don't like it".

Brigden responded: “When I saw your breakfast I thought you had invited your entire office."

And he is understood to have added, somewhat cryptically: “Watch your fingers when you're eating the sausage sandwich because they are going to fall out."

Some shocked witnesses told the paper if the pair had been in the pub, they would have come to blows.

In what can only be described as dramatic understatement, Bridgen told the paper “I think it’s fair to say that within the Conservative Party at our end of the tea room Europe is causing a lively debate.”

And it's not the first behind-the-scenes Tory bust-up - just last week Tory veteran Sir Nicholas Soames aimed a double-barrelled four-letter volley at colleague James Cleverly.

But don’t worry, the Prime Minister is “absolutely convinced” his party will “come back together” after June 23rd and get on with the “important job of running the country”.