WATCH: Labour MP calls for Article 50 delay by acting out scenario in a 'chicken restaurant'

Posted On: 
11th January 2017

Labour MP Geraint Davies has called for a delay in the triggering of Article 50… by acting out a skit in what appears to be a jazz-themed “chicken restaurant”.

Geraint Davies said the skit represented the need for the Government to consult the public on Brexit.
PA Images

In the two minute sketch, a discourteous waiter (played by Mr Davies) tells the customer, who does not want to order chicken, that her only alternative therefore is tripe.

Despite the young woman’s request to have steak instead, the defiant waiter insists that tripe is the sole alternative after she initially dismissed chicken.

According to Mr Davies, the sketch, titled "the final say", acts as a metaphor for the planned triggering of Article 50 in the spring.

The Labour MP was reported by BuzzFeed as saying the video is a “creative expression of this basic point”.

When the skit finishes, a rather more sombre Mr Davies says: “Don’t let others decide your future behind closed doors. Delay Article 50 and let the people have the final say”.

Watch the clip below: