WATCH: Deputy Speaker raps SNP for Commons ‘Ode to Joy’ tribute

Posted On: 
9th February 2017

SNP MPs faced a telling off from the Deputy Speaker last night, after members whistled and sang the European Union anthem “Ode to Joy” in the Chamber.

SNP MPs faced the wrath of Lindsay Hoyle following their song
Parliament TV

As members prepared to head through the lobbies to vote on the Article 50 bill, the Nationalist MPs offered an (unwelcome) rendition of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 19th century work.

The tribute to Brussels by the anti-Brexit party prompted a demand for “order!” from Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle.

Addressing SNP MP Patricia Gibson, he said: “Ms Gibson, it’s very good that you’re the choir but what I would say is, I personally don’t mind singing but I certainly can’t allow it in the Chamber."

The intervention comes just days after the deputy speaker locked horns with SNP veteran Alex Salmond over speaking time allocated to the SNP during the Article 50 debate on Monday.

And following Ms Gibson's choral efforts, Mr Hoyle added: "It’s been a very tense week already. I just don’t need any extra."

Watch below: