Wrong Direction: Harry Styles will vote for ‘whoever is against Brexit’

Posted On: 
14th May 2017

Popstar Harry Styles has risked the wrath of leading Brexiteers after he said quitting the EU represents the “opposite” of the world he would like to live in.

Harry Styles performing on the NBC Today Show concert series in Rockefeller Center in New York.
PA Images

In an interview with the Sunday Times magazine the former One Direction member said he was “probably going to vote for whoever is against Brexit” at the general election.

When asked he is so anti the British people’s decision to quit Brussels, the now solo artist replied: “I’m not educated enough on the subject to really go toe-to-toe with someone about it, but disregarding the economic stuff and all of that, I think what it symbolises is the opposite of the world I would like to be in.

“I think the world should be more about being together and being better together and joining together, and I think it’s the opposite of that."

Sadly for Styles music seems to bear no influence over the British people’s views on Europe, as a shock YouGov poll found 56% of Brits want the UK to quit the Eurovision Song Contest.

Still, Dot looks forward to Brexiteers attacking Styles for seeking to re-run the referendum and ignoring the will of the British people.