Lord Lawson on Marr: On Cameron's tax row, EU leaflets, the Leave campaign, and Ireland

Posted On: 
10th April 2016

Speaking to the Andrew Marr Show, Brexit campaigner and former Chancellor Lord Lawson said David Cameron’s former shareholdings in a company based offshore were “trivial” compared to the scale of tax avoidance uncovered in the Panama Papers.

“David Cameron has himself admitted that he’s made a mess of his handling of it, but I think it’s pretty trivial, there are more important issues behind it. This arose out of the revelations in the so-called ‘Panama Papers’ and this shows beyond any shadow of a doubt that international cooperation nowadays needs to be global. The idea it can be just European is crazy and the idea that you need to be a member of some political entity or union in order to have international cooperation is also completely mistaken.”


He hit out at the Government’s decision to spend £9.3m on a campaign advertising the benefits of the UK’s membership of the European Union.

“A lot of people who haven...