Penny Mordaunt on Sunday Politics: On Brexit's security implications and MPs' tax returns

Posted On: 
10th April 2016

Speaking to the BBC’s Sunday Politics, Defence Minister and Brexit campaigner Penny Mordaunt made the security case for Britain leaving the European Union.

When put to her that a wealth of senior politicians and figures from the military and intelligence establishments – both domestic and foreign – have warned that the UK would be less safe outside the EU, she replied:

“Those are job titles, they’re not arguments. I’m very clear from my experience – having worn a uniform, doing the job I do, three years on the House of Commons Defence Committee, being an aid worker in the former Eastern Bloc – that we will be safer, far safer, outside the EU.”

She argued Britain could still enjoy the benefits of European defence work through Nato, despite not being part of the EU itself.

“There’s a lot of things we do agree on. We agree that Nato, for example, is the...