John Redwood: Treasury Brexit claim is absurd

Posted On: 
18th April 2016

Appearing on the Today programme, Tory MP and eurosceptic John Redwood dismissed a claim by the Treasury that Brexit would be a “most extraordinary, self-inflicted wound” as “absurd”.

“It’s an absurd claim from the Treasury, I’m very sorry that they’ve degenerated to these levels. This is a Treasury which had to make huge changes to its forecast for the next two years just between November and March because it decided its November forecast was completely wrong. This is a Treasury which failed to forecast the huge damage membership of the Exchange Rate Mechanism inflicted on us and they were always very keen to join and it gave us a huge recession. They failed to forecast the damage to the UK from the eurozone crisis of 2011. We will be better off out, we will be richer and more successful, but it’s not very easy to put precise numbers on it and we wouldn’t attempt to put precise numbers on the economy for ...