Bernard Jenkin: Osborne should be ashamed of himself over Treasury EU-document

Posted On: 
18th April 2016

Tory MP Bernard Jenkin told Sky News George Osborne “should be ashamed of himself” for producing a Treasury document warning of the risks from Brexit.

“First of all, even on their worst case scenario we’re talking about a very marginal change at the end of a long period of economic growth when the growth might be slightly more or slightly less. These are so marginal that people really won’t notice them. They’re pretending, they want people to hear that somehow they’re going to be worse off next year by this amount. Actually that’s not what they're saying, these are very long-term forecasts.

“The second thing is they are just forecast; the Treasury has not got a good record on forecasting. This Chancellor, for example, forecasted originally in 2010 that we were going to balance the Budget by 2015. Well, we’re still borrowing billions and billions pounds a year. So...