Nigel Farage: Bob Geldof has shown contempt for Britain’s fishing communities

Posted On: 
15th June 2016

Ukip leader Nigel Farage told BBC News Sir Bob Geldof had shown “contempt” for Britain’s fishing communities by protesting against a flotilla of boats on the Thames today.

“We used to protest against the establishment, now the establishment protests against us, we must be doing something right. What Mr Geldof, multi-millionaire Mr Geldof, did was show his absolute contempt for the men and women that have come here today from right across the United Kingdom, asking, demanding to be listened to as their communities are destroyed by the common fisheries policy. I think frankly as a spectacle it’s pretty disgraceful. Then what he did was to show the depth of his ignorance. The common fisheries policy is sorted out on the principle of equal access to a common resource, which means what is rightfully ours we share with the rest of the European Union. We are only allowed to catch 20% by value of the fish tha...