Margaret Hodge: Jeremy Corbyn should do the decent thing and resign

Posted On: 
24th June 2016

Labour MP Margaret Hodge told Sky News that Jeremy Corbyn should "do the decent thing" and resign.

"I’ve put a motion to the Parliamentary Labour Party which is a motion of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn, which I hope he’ll think about seriously, reflect on and do the decent thing, as David Cameron has done. I think the European referendum was a test of leadership and Jeremy failed that test. He came out too slowly, he was very half-hearted about his attempts to campaign and Labour voters simply didn’t get the message and we’re now moving into a really tumultuous time, there are going to be really difficult decisions to be taken on behalf of the British people.

"There’s likely to be a general election within 6-9 months with a new Conservative leader, and I think every MP