Nick Clegg on Andrew Marr Show: On 'hard Brexit' vs 'soft Brexit', 'Breniers', and Article 50

Posted On: 
16th October 2016

Speaking to the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg set out the purpose behind a new cross-party grouping trying to put pressure on the Government not to pursue a so-called 'hard Brexit'.

"What we want to achieve is actually what a previous Conservative government did prior to some major European talks. When John Major had to go to the rest of Europe and negotiate the Maastricht Treaty, he first put in effect something very similar to a white paper to the House of Commons and said ‘these are my objectives, this is the way I want to try and approach these talks, will you give me your backing or not?’. And incidentally it’s also exactly the same approach that Theresa May took under the Coalition Government when she negotiated the new deal on police and judicial cooperation in the European Union. So the precedent is there and it’s a very good precedent because it gives the Government of the day much greater authority...