Ken Clarke: I’m not surprised by memo claims over Brexit

Posted On: 
15th November 2016

Speaking to BBC News, Tory grandee Ken Clarke said he was “not surprised” by claims made in a leaked memo about the Government’s preparedness for Brexit.

“I have no idea what the status of the document is. I’m not very bothered, really. I’m not surprised by it. That’s exactly where we are. There was no alternative to Brexit policy discussed by anybody during the referendum, no two Brexiteers agreed on what our future relationships would be exactly with Europe and the rest of the world, and they all disagree with each other now, I’m sure.

“It is going to take them at least six months to get what matters most, which is the right policy, a seriously thought through policy, that deals with the reality of events in the modern world, and minimises the damage and is the best solution for future generations trying to put our economic and trading arrangements and political conte...