Dominic Grieve: You cannot close down all EU debate forever

Posted On: 
11th December 2016

Former attorney general Dominic Grieve told Sky News’ Murnaghan pro-EU voices should not be silenced despite the Brexit vote in June’s referendum.

“You can’t just close down all debate forever. After all, we had a first referendum on the EU in 1975, and arguably we then had a second one just recently. Ultimately, the public will determine what they want and politics will be influenced, and politicians will be influenced by what the public say to this.

“What I’m not prepared to accept, is that because there was a referendum on the 23 June, that somehow closes down debate forever more about our relationship that we’re going to have with the EU and our EU partners. It can’t do that, and common sense immediately when you look at it makes you realise that it is impossible and wrong to do that. But at the same time, nobody is trying to sabotage Brexit. That’s the poi...