Hilary Benn quotes on Radio 4: Sir Ivan Rogers' departure 'not a good thing' for Brexit negotiation

Posted On: 
3rd January 2017

Speaking to Radio 4’s the World at One, Brexit Committee chairman Hilary Benn said the early departure of Sir Ivan Rogers as the UK’s permanent representative to the EU was “not a good thing”.

“It’s obviously come as a bit of a surprise. He was, according to story in the FT, due to be stepping down later this year, but there could not be a more crucial time for the British person in Brussels, the head of UkRep. It’s an absolutely vital job – both conveying the British Government’s view to the other 27 member states, but also honestly reporting back what he was picking up about the attitude of the other 27 towards the forthcoming negotiation.

“I think the most important thing is that there is as much continuity as possible and I trust the Government will now get to work appointing a replacement so he or she can work in parallel with Sir Ivan – who, as we’ve just heard, has a lot of experience – and wil...