Sir Simon Fraser: Sir Ivan Rogers' resignation is a loss ahead of Brexit talks

Posted On: 
4th January 2017

Speaking to the Today programme, Sir Simon Fraser, the former permanent secretary at the Foreign Office, said the resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers as the UK’s ambassador to the EU represents a “loss” of expertise.

“I did work with Ivan over many years both in Brussels and in London on European issues. He is a highly intelligent, knowledgeable and experienced official, and one of the greatest experts – if I can use the expert word – that we have on European matters in the British Civil Service.

“I do think that his sort of in depth knowledge and expertise is a loss as we go into what is going to be, as David Davis himself has said, a very complex set of negotiations.”

Sir Simon disputed claims that the senior diplomat was “too keen to take no for an answer”.

“Anyone who knows Ivan, has worked with him, will know absolutely that he was not someone who was ready to take no for answer. He was a very persistent nego...