Philip Hammond quotes on Tim Barrow on Sky News

Posted On: 
5th January 2017

Speaking to Sky News, Chancellor Philip Hammond said Sir Tim Barrow would be a "great asset" to the UK in his new role as ambassador to the EU.

“Sir Ivan Rogers has done a great job for the UK in Brussels as our ambassador there for many years, but he was coming to the end of his tenure, coming up to his retirement later this year and he’s taken the decision that he should go early and allow somebody else to take over now before the Article 50 notice is served, before the negotiations begin and then to see those negotiations right the way through to their conclusion.

“And Sir Tim Barrow, who I know well – I was the former foreign secretary myself and worked very closely with Tim Barrow, I appointed him as my political director in the Foreign Office – he is a very experienced and seasoned diplomat, very tough, he was our ambassador in Moscow for many years, he...