Penny Mordaunt: Remain campaign is 'Establishment stitch-up'

Posted On: 
22nd May 2016

Penny Mordaunt has accused the Remain campaign of being an "Establishment stitch-up" which is trying to scare the public ahead of the EU referendum.

Penny Mordaunt argue the public have "got tired of the constant stream of hysteria".
Louise Haywood Shiefer: Dods

In a thinly-veiled swipe at David Cameron, the Armed Forces minister said the public are "getting tired of the constant stream of hysteria" coming from the anti-Brexit camp.

She hit out during an interview on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show.

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Asked directly if the Remain campaign was "an Establishment stitch-up", Ms Mordaunt replied "I think so" before comparing the current political situation to the outbreak of the Second World War and the Falklands War.

She said: " I think the public are seeing through this, and I think that at moments in our history - 1939, 1982 - we have gone against the orthodoxy of the Establishment, we have stood up and said no, we are not going to be a nation of followers, we are going to be a nation of leaders and that's what we need to happen in this referendum."

Referring to warnings from the Remain camp that Brexit will cause economic chaos, the Tory MP said: "I think that the public have got tired of this constant stream of hysteria from the Establishment. I think we are going to get more of this but I think it is not going to have traction with the public, they are fed up of that.


"I think there have been some quite exceptional interventions. My colleague Andrea Leadsom pointed to Mark Carney which I think was the tipping point if you like, when people realised there is another agenda going on here."