Brexit MP accuses Vote Leave of 'cynical distortion' of the truth

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23rd May 2016

A high-profile MP in favour of Brexit has accused the Vote Leave campaign of “cynical distortion” of the truth over its claims about the NHS.

Sarah Wollaston attacks the Leave campaign for their "distortion" of the truth.
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Sarah Wollaston, who chairs the Health Select Committee, said the suggestion that leaving the EU would result in the UK having £350m more to spend on the NHS was "treating the public as fools".

Vote Leave, however, has doubled down on its warnings about the NHS with a new video.

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Today’s broadcast presents two different “realities”, one purports to shows what would happen if the UK stays in the EU: "The NHS will continue to be starved of cash and pressures from unlimited EU immigration will mean people will have to wait longer to be treated."

The other option, the broadcast claims, would leave Britain "able to spend billions more each year on the NHS and take back control of our borders. This will ease pressures on the NHS and will help people to get treated more quickly”.

Dr Wollaston's attack came after Vote Leave put the NHS at the heart of its campaign.

Writing for The Times, she said: “There are legitimate concerns about pressures of population growth on housing, schools and certain areas of health provision but the current preoccupation with exploiting the NHS, and its protected branding, to support the Leave campaign’s argument on the EU is a cynical distortion which undermines the credibility of their other arguments.

"I will not hand out Vote Leave’s deliberately misleading leaflets about the NHS."