Leave.EU publishes private numbers of Douglas Carswell and Vote Leave bosses online

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24th May 2016

One of the groups pressing for Britain to leave the European Union has published on its website the mobile phone numbers of senior figures in the official campaign and encouraged supporters to contact them.

Douglas Carswell has frequently clashed with Leave.EU donor Arron Banks
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Leave.EU has now taken down the article which included the phone numbers of Ukip MP Douglas Carswell, the party’s former deputy chair Suzanne Evans, Vote Leave’s chief executive Matthew Elliott, and the head of BBC Westminster, Robbie Gibb.

The numbers were also included in an email to those on the group’s mailing list.

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It was encouraging supporters to contact them directly to lobby for Nigel Farage to be included in an upcoming BBC debate on the EU referendum.

Leave.EU has been engaged in a bitter dispute with Vote Leave since they were battling for the designation as the official Leave campaign for the referendum – a battle that Vote Leave won.

Arron Banks, the donor behind Leave.EU, has also clashed with Mr Carswell in the past, including having had to apologise to autism sufferers after calling the MP “borderline autistic with mental illness wrapped in”.

Mr Carswell contacted Leave.EU to tell them to remove his number.

They responded in a tweet: “Only asked public to tell him we want Nigel at BBC debate. So much for Direct Democracy!”