Lord Sugar: “Who is this Gove bloke?”

Posted On: 
4th June 2016

Lord Sugar has criticised leading pro-Brexit campaigners for not having been involved in business.

Lord Sugar in the House of Lords
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The peer, who has just been re-appointed as the Government’s enterprise advisor, questioned the Justice Secretary Michael Gove’s background.

In an interview with The Times, the pro-EU mogul, who is estimated to be worth £1.1bn, said: “With greatest respect and maybe I’m a bit thick, but who is this Gove bloke? Perhaps you could enlighten me on who he was or what he did.”

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The Apprentice star said Brexit would be “like watching your children walk off to a stranger’s house.”

Lord Sugar explained that the leaders of the campaign for Britain to leave the EU did not have sufficient business experience to earn his respect.

He said: “In fairness, people like Boris and this Gove fellow have never been in business in their life.

“Never actually done any import or export. That’s what makes me laugh. They just fire out statistics in mid air. It’s total nonsense.”

Lord Sugar also questioned the motivations behind Boris Johnson’s campaign for Brexit. 

He said in the interview: “I have a lot of respect for Boris, though we all thought he was a bit of a clown when he got the job as mayor... but you’ve got to wonder whether his heart is really in Britain or whether his heart is in looking to be the next prime minister.”