Tory MP Sarah Wollaston switches sides on EU over 'untrue' Leave claims

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9th June 2016

Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston has switched sides in the EU referendum campaign, saying she can no longer support the Leave campaign's "untrue" claims about NHS spending. 

Sarah Wollaston switched sides in the EU debate over what she branded "untrue" claims made by Vote Leave
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The chair of the Health Select Committee said she could not support the claim that the UK could get back £350m per week from its EU budget contributions and spend the money on the health service.
"I could not have set foot on a battle bus that has at the heart of its campaign a figure that I know to be untrue," the former GP told the BBC.
"If you're in a position where you can't hand out a Vote Leave leaflet, you can't be campaigning for that organisation."
She argued that, far from a financial bonus from taking money back from Brussels, leaving the EU would hit NHS funding.
"The consensus now is there would be a huge economic shock if we voted to leave. Undoubtedly, the thing that's most going to influence the financial health of the NHS is the background economy. So I think there would be a Brexit penalty."
Her announcement was hailed as a "powerful intervention" by David Cameron.