Michael Gove contradicted by his dad on 'EU killed family fishing firm' claim

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15th June 2016

Michael Gove’s father has rejected his son’s claim that his fish processing business was destroyed by EU policies.

Michael Gove claimed earlier this month that his father's fish processing firm "went to the wall" becasue of the EU
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In a major embarrassment for the Justice Secretary, Ernest Gove said he had opted to “call it a day” and sell the firm due to a range of different factors.

Cabinet minister and Brexit campaigner Mr Gove claimed in a recent Sky News interview that the EU's common fisheries policy had “destroyed” his father’s firm.

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But Mr Gove Snr told the Guardian that competition for port space, the Icelandic cod wars, dock worker strikes and fishing distance controls had all contributed to his decision to end the business.

“It wasn’t any hardship or things like that. I just decided to call it a day and just sold up my business and went on to work with someone else,” he said.

“[I] couldn’t see any future in it, that type of thing, the business that I had, so I wasn’t going to go into all the trouble of having hardship.

“I just decided to sell up and get a job with someone else. That was all.”

But in a statement released by the Vote Leave campaign this afternoon, Mr Gove Snr backed up his son's account.

He said: "Our membership of the European Union inflicted incredible damage on Scotland's fishing industry.

“My business closed as a result. I will be voting to leave the European Union on 23 June and am proud of the role my son has played in making the case to leave."

A spokesperson for Michael Gove said: “It is well documented how the EU and the CFP destroyed the fishing industry, particularly in the north-east of Scotland.

“EE Gove and Sons was one of the companies directly affected. It closed as a result of the damage inflicted on the fishing industry by the EU.”