Lord Sugar refuses to back down in 'immigrant' Twitter row

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22nd June 2016

Lord Sugar refused to back down today despite mounting anger at his "immigrant" attack on pro-Brexit Labour MP Gisela Stuart.

Lord Sugar's tweets have caused a referendum row
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The millionaire businessman - who is backing a Remain vote in tomorrow's EU referendum - has been roundly condemned by those on all sides of the debate for his Twitter outburst during last night's live BBC debate. .

The peer and TV star - who has five million Twitter followers - was immediately criticised for his remark, with some even accusing him of racism.

Britain Stronger In Europe boss Will Straw told PoliticsHome: "I don't think that tweet was right and I hope he withdraws it."

Labour MP Jon Ashworth said: "I condemn that wholeheartedly, we don't want that sort of comment in our politics."

Others took to Twitter to voice their disgust.

But Lord Sugar remained defiant, insisting he would not apologise for what he said.

Remain campaigners will be furious with Lord Sugar for sparking the row barely 24 hours before the country goes to the polls.

In recent days, they have tried to attack the Leave campaign's focus on immigration - in particular Nigel Farage's controversial poster depicting Syrian refugees with the headline 'Breaking Point'.