Brexit MPs pledge their support to David Cameron

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23rd June 2016

Dozens of Brexit-backing Tory MPs have delivered a letter to Downing Street pledging their support to David Cameron regardless of the referendum result.

David Cameron turns up to vote this morning
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Boris Johnson and Priti Patel were among 84 Conservatives to put their names to the letter, which says the Prime Minister has "a mandate and a duty" to stay in the job.

The loyalty pledge comes at the end of a bruising campaign which has exposed the deep Tory divisions over Europe.

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Mr Cameron has been criticised by some of his own ministers for the Government's immigration policies as well as his strong support for the EU project.

The letter said: "We who are supporters of Vote Leave and members of the Conservative Party thank you for giving the British people a choice of their destiny on 23 June.

“We believe that whatever the British people decide you have both a mandate and a duty to continue leading the nation implementing our 2015 manifesto.”

Commons leader Chris Grayling, who also signed the letter, told Sky News: "We are very clear it is 15 months since David Cameron won the Conservative Party's first majority since 1992.

"We have put in place a broad-ranging programme for government and part of that has been holding a referendum on the European Union. Now that referendum is now over, we've given people that option, we'll find out later in the night what their choice is.

"It would be an absolute nonsense if David Cameron felt, having given the country that choice, that he couldn't carry on in the job. We are completely behind him staying, we want him to stay and that letter is a statement of commitment to his leadership."

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