More than a million voters regret choosing Brexit - poll

Posted On: 
26th June 2016

More than one million voters regret voting to leave the EU, according to a post-referendum poll published today.


With many predicting Boris Johnson will now take the reins as prime minister, the survey found that Theresa May is the alternative candidate best placed to stop the former Mayor of London.

There is also discontent among Labour supporters, the majority of whom now want Jeremy Corbyn to step down as leader.

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The Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday found that 7% of respondents regretted opting for Brexit, equivalent to over 1.1 million voters – although 4% also said they regretted voting to stay in the EU, a figure which equates to slightly fewer than 700,000 voters.

In a re-run of the vote, that would still mean an Out victory, but with a significantly lower margin of just 400,000 votes.


Among Conservative voters the favoured candidate for the leadership is Mr Johnson, who is well ahead of the chasing pack on 40%, with Ms May on 27% and George Osborne on 12%.

However, when the field is narrowed down to just Mr Johnson and Ms May, the Home Secretary is favoured by 53% of Tory voters.