Donald Trump: Lack of immigration controls will make EU unrecognisable

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27th June 2016

Donald Trump has warned that the European Union will become “unrecognisable” without strict immigration controls.

Donald Trump visiting the Turnberry golf course in Scotland last week
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During a trip to Scotland in the wake of the Brexit vote, he said the break-up of the EU may come before Scots have time to hold a second independence referendum.

“The people have spoken,” he told The Times. “I think the EU is going to break up. I think the EU might break up before anybody thinks in terms of Scotland.”

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The presumptive Republican nominee said the British had made the decision because of immigration: “The people are fed up, whether it’s here or in other countries... You watch: other countries will follow.”

On immigration into southern European countries, he said: “Europe is not going to be recognisable in ten years”.

Mr Trump also attacked Barack Obama for his intervention into the referendum campaign, calling it “negative”. Unlike President Obama, Mr Trump said he would put Britain at the front of the trade deal queue.