Theresa May asks Cabinet ministers for Brexit proposals

Posted On: 
28th August 2016

Theresa May has asked Cabinet ministers to bring forward plans for how the UK should negotiate its departure from the European Union.

The UK backed leaving the European Union by 51.9% to 48.1%.
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The Prime Minister will host her top team at Chequers on Wednesday, when Brexit will be “top of the in tray” and each senior minister will be asked to present their ideas about how the UK can make the most of the situation.

As well as Brexit, the Cabinet is also expected to discuss the social policy agenda, including the National Health Service, and industrial policy.

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The away day comes amid reports of tensions between senior pro-Leave figures in the Government and Chancellor Philip Hammond.

According to the Sunday Times, Mr Hammond believes keeping access to the single market for the financial services industry should be the top priority in leaving the EU.  

A senior Conservative told the paper: “There’s a tussle going on here. The chief culprit is the chancellor. He has taken the position that there are no red lines, that you’ve got to stay part of the market and it doesn’t matter what you give way on. Hammond is operating as a blocking mechanism.”

Meanwhile, Tory MP Steve Baker, who was a leading figure in the campaign to leave the EU, has called for civil servants who hinder the Brexit agenda to be sacked.

“Any official working to oppose our exit from the EU should be summarily fired,” he said.

“If necessary, emergency legislation should be passed to make it possible.”