Chuka Umunna: Britain should quit Single Market if forced to accept freedom of movement

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22nd September 2016

Chuka Umunna has declared that Britain should give up access to the EU Single Market if it has to accept freedom of movement in return.

Chuka Umunna has caused a row with his comments over the Single Market
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The former Shadow Business Secretary said the UK "couldn't remain" in the trading bloc if it was unable to regain some control over its borders.

His comments echo those of another former Labour frontbencher, Jonathan Reynolds, who also said Britain should not sign up to a continuation of free movement.

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Mr Umunna - who was one of the lead campaigners for a Remain vote in the EU referendum - told the Huffington Post: "If continuation of the free movement we have is the price of Single Market membership then clearly we couldn’t remain in the Single Market, but we are not at that point yet."

His remarks seemed at odds with a campaign poster he unveiled during the referendum which said: "The Leave campaign want us to quit the Single Market and be like 'Albania'. Seriously."

The Streatham MP's intervention is also significant because he is a member of Vote Leave Watch, a group set up to expose the lies which they say were told by Brexit campaigners during the referendum.

Mr Umunna later sought to clarify his remarks on Twitter.







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