Nigel Farage: High Court judges trying to block referendum result

Posted On: 
8th November 2016

Nigel Farage sparked fury last night after he accused the High Court of trying to overturn the result of the EU referendum.

The outgoing Ukip leader said one of the judges who ruled that parliament must approve the triggering of Article 50 should not have taken part in the case because of his pro-EU views.

And he said last week's landmark legal ruling meant the Brexit vote had been "plunged back into uncertainty".

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But his remarks, on ITV's The Agenda, led to an angry backlash, with Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry accusing him of trying to "undermine our courts".

Mr Farage said: "Looking at the make-up of the Supreme Court and how many European Integrationists there are...that's a real concern.

"Before this court ruling everything was settling down very well. We had a significant number of those who voted Remain accepting the result and saying let's get on with it.

"I think it's a great shame that we have been plunged back into uncertainty by people who refuse to accept the democratic result."

He added: "What we are seeing at a number of levels is a deliberate willful attempt to frustrate this referendum.

"All I am saying is that one judge should not have sat on that panel."

But Ms Thornberry said Mr Farage - who has threatened to lead a march of 100,000 to the Supreme Court when it hears the Government's appeal against the High Court judgment next month - was talking "total nonsense".

She said: "Our whole system is based on the idea that we have politicians and politics and power here - and we have the courts that are independent.

"I am outraged that you think our judges are in any way political or that they should be intimidated or influenced by politics. You want to lead 100,000 people, you now say you want to do it peacefully - whatever - but the reason they are all turning up outside the Supreme Court is in order to try to influence the Supreme Court.

"What we should be doing is having, as we always have done, judges who make decisions about the law and who are not involved in politics.

"If you try and undermine our courts where does it end? They are a bulwark against extremism. The idea that you would for petty political reasons - I'm sorry to get pompous about this but it is what Britain's about. It's about our democracy."