Jeremy Corbyn tears into Theresa May over 'total shambles' on Brexit

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16th November 2016

Jeremy Corbyn has launched a scathing attack on Theresa May over what he called her government's "total shambles" over the process of leaving the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn takes on Theresa May at PMQs

The Labour leader used all but one of his questions at today's Prime Minister's Questions to grill Mrs May on her plans for Brexit.

It comes after an embarrassing week for the Government, after a report from consultants Deloitte suggested thousands more civil servants were needed to oversee the process.

Prime Minister's Questions - Live

Former Foreign Office chief: Government has no 'central plan' for Brexit

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That was followed by the former top civil servant at the Foreign Office, Sir Simon Fraser, telling MPs this morning there was "no central plan" for Brexit.

There was also confusion after Boris Johnson suggested in an interview with a Czech newspaper that the UK would "probably" be leaving the EU's customs union, despite Downing Street insisting no decisions on that had been made.

Mr Corbyn said: "Isn’t the truth that the Government is making a total shambles of Brexit, and nobody understands what her strategy actually is?"

The Prime Minister accused the Labour leader of advocating a strategy which would weaken the UK's negotiating position.

She said: "Of course those in the European Union who we will be negotiating with will want us to set out at this stage every detail of our negotiating strategy - if we were to do that, it would be the best possible way of ensuring that we got the worst result for this country. That’s why we won’t do it.”

Mrs May added: "I have to say to the Right Hon Gentleman from the confusion that he's got on his benches in relation to this issue of Brexit, it's yet another example with Labour where they talk, we act, they posture, we deliver.

"We are getting on with the job, he's not up to the job".