David Davis vows no compromise on immigration in Brexit talks

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15th December 2016

New controls over immigration to Britain will not be on the negotiating table with Europe, Brexit Secretary David Davis has declared.

Some MPs want to compromise on immigration for continued access to the single market
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The Cabinet minister said net migration levels would be set “in the national interest” and would not be compromised on in return for a better financial deal.

MPs advocating a so-called 'soft Brexit' have argued the UK should accept less controls over immigration in exchange for access to the EU single market.

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Asked by the Brexit Select Committee yesterday if he thought Britain's future immigration policy was subject to talks with the bloc, Mr Davis said: “No I don't.”

He argued ministers had learned from Switzerland's battle with the EU to control immigration whilst enjoying access to the single market.

“Taking back control is quite an important issue,” Mr Davis told the committee.

“The Swiss thought they had control of their own migration via an emergency brake, which, when they tried to exercise it, they were unable to do.

“We have to pay respect to the outcome of the referendum – therefore it has to be clear control by this parliament.”

The Prime Minister’s official spokeswoman last night confirmed: “The UK Government will make decisions on migration.”