Theresa May 'to call snap election' if parliament blocks Brexit

Posted On: 
18th January 2017

Theresa May could call a snap general election if parliament votes down her final Brexit deal, a new report has said.

Theresa May could be forced to hold a fresh election if MPs block her final terms
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Mrs May pledged to give MPs and peers a vote on the final Brexit terms as part of the 12-point plan for leaving the EU she announced yesterday.

The Prime Minister said parliament “will want to deliver on the views of the British people in respect to the democratic decision taken”.

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But she is reportedly plotting a snap vote to win a popular mandate for her deal if Remain-backing MPs refuse to play ball when the deal is confirmed in 2019.

One Cabinet minister told The Sun: “The PM knows she always has the voters up her sleeve, and she wants to keep them there.

“If parliament tries to block the deal she has brokered and recommended, she will then go to the country.”

The Prime Minister’s official spokeswoman added: “We are now seeking a new partnership with the EU.

“Either way, we will very clearly be leaving the EU.”